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Our Services

At Planning Insights, we aim to be your best choice of town planning consultants Brisbane has available.  We know how to maximise the value from your property proposal.  Furthermore, we strive to help you capitalise on the potential from your development project.  We aim to fast track your development approval and clear any potential issues.  And we aim to reduce your project risk and increase your chances of development application approval.

How can Planning Insights assist your property development?

We can assist your Development Approval at all stages, from project start through to completion. The need for thorough due diligence is well understood by us.  Most importantly, we know what questions need to be resolved.  We also understand the importance of getting development approval in a timely manner.  Most of all, we understand how important it is to pull together the best property development team.  Make us a member of your property development team, and we will get you started on the right foot.  We specialise in fast track applications.  We can show success in achieving development consent and planning permits rapidly.

What can you expect from expert town planning consultants Brisbane?

First of all, we seek out the highest and best use for any development.  In addition, we also appreciate the important financial aspects to any property proposal.  Because of this, we can also provide advice as to the economic options, and how to maximise the return on any given project.

What town planning consulting services do we provide?

As Town Planning Consultants Brisbane, we offer a full range of services.  Our team of experienced and accomplished planning consultants serve to achieve your desired outcomes.  At Planning Insights, we offer a cost effective service, expert advice, fast track the development approval and project risk reduction.  We offer the following service in Brisbane and right around Queensland:

Private Town Planner – Planning Advice

We provide planning advice as a priority to all our clients.  Providing assistance to the property development process as early as possible in the process enables us to help find the highest and best use from a property.  Value is added when we assist with the due diligence process for any project.  We can help in a variety of project planning tasks such as:

  • Property Development due diligence
  • Town Planning Consultants Brisbane and right around Queensland
  • Town Planning Strategies
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Town Planning Application advice
  • Preliminary approval to continue
  • Town Planning facilitation

Call us at Planning Insights to speak to a qualified Town Planning Consultant for the best advice on development applications.

Property Development Applications

There is more to property development applications than simply submitting the paperwork.  Our team of highly experienced Town Planning Consultants Brisbane will prepare, as well as manage, your development application from beginning to end.  We will work with you to find the optimal solution for the best possible chance of achieving development approval.  We have experience with a wide range of Town Planning Applications such as:

  • Property development and management of Development Approvals
  • Property subdivision or reconfiguration
  • Material Change of Use
  • Preliminary approval of complicated projects
  • Extension of Development Approval
  • Modification to existing Development Approval

Call us at Planning Insights to speak to an experienced Town Planning Consultant for the best advice on development applications.


RiskSMART is a fast track development application program run by the Brisbane City Council.  It is also run by the Logan and Gold Coast City Councils.  Using our RiskSMART Town Planning Consulting services can save time, reduce cost, and reduce the risk to you.  As Council accredited RiskSMART consultants, we apply the principles of RiskSMART to increase your project success.  As a consultant town planning firm we apply our experience and knowledge of the RiskSMART principles as follows:

  • Assess projects eligible for streamlining via RiskSMART
  • Act on your behalf as an experienced RiskSMART Town Planning Consultant
  • Fast track development approvals in a matter of days
  • Reduced Council development application fees
  • Reduced project risk

Call to speak to one of our experienced RiskSMART Town Planning Consultants, and get your project on the fast track!


There is more to property subdivision than simply submitting a development application.  As Town Planning Consultants Brisbane and Queensland, we provide advice and assistance with the development application.  Our support starts at concept and goes through to delivery.  Residential subdivisions in Queensland are subject to State Regulations.  However, the rules also vary depending on the local Council.  Furthermore, the individual situation is also relevant.  Not all subdivisions are the same!  We can help you to identify any of the hidden traps and snags that can arise.  In some circumstances issues cannot be overcome.  Should this situation arise, we will inform you immediately.  We will work with you to maximise the return on your investment.  Most importantly, we’ll recommend the most likely outcome for development approval.  We have experience with a wide range of Town Planning Development Applications such as:

  • Application and coordination of Development Applications
  • Property subdivisions
  • Property reconfiguration
  • Material Change of Use
  • Application for and approval of complicated projects

We always recommend that you choose an experienced town planning consultant in Brisbane and around Queensland with local knowledge and local connections.  Call Planning Insights today.

Property Development Projects

As experienced town planning consultants Brisbane, we specialise in helping to design your property development plans.  Part of our service is to assist you to capitalize on the full potential of your project.  Because we use a team-based approach, we have the combined knowledge and experience to realise the optimum outcome from your property development.  We offer the following services:

  • Advice on any Town Planning projects in Brisbane and around Queensland
  • Preparation of the submission of development applications to local council
  • Fast track applications and approval process management
  • Management of the planning and development of your project

Our consultants are among the most experienced of Town Planning Consultants, Brisbane, Queensland and Northern New South Wales.  Take advantage of our services!

Show Cause Notices

Our years of experience as town planning consultants Brisbane and Queensland means we are competent when issues arise.  Using past knowledge and experience, we to handle all aspects of town planning submissions, including appeals, mediation, enforcement and show cause notices.  We assist with any aspect of the development submission process, including:

  • Advice regarding “Show Cause Notices
  • Advice regarding Enforcement Notices
  • Preparation of responses and assistance with negotiation with Council Town Planning departments
  • Preparation of responses to development submission amendments, and changes where necessary
  • We can assist with preparation for appeals, mediation and formal negotiations.

If you ever find yourself on the receiving end of a “Show Cause Notice” from your local Council, be sure to seek advice from one of our experienced and professional town planning consultants.  We would be pleased to act on your behalf.  Contact Planning Insights today.

Take the stress out of your next Property Development Application – call the experts at Planning Insights and make us part of your team.