Without a doubt, the most important element of any project is how to handle risk.  Risk is a normal part of everyday life, but some people handle risk better than others.  The same applies for property developments, because those who manage their risk better than others are more likely to succeed.  So where does RiskSMART come in?  We’ll get to that in a moment…but first:

Why is Risk so important?

Risk is the ever-present, and all important fear that something might go wrong.  Each step along the way to completing a project has individual elements of risk.  Furthermore, each of these small elements of risk can add up to a higher level of risk.  The higher the risk, the higher the chance that something can go wrong.  But it is not all gloom and doom.  Risk can be managed, and risk can be mitigated, such that the level of risk can be minimised to acceptable levels.  The risks to a property development proposal include a range of issues, not least of which is the risk of getting council approval in a timely manner.  And that is where we at Planning Insights can help you to manage the level of risk with your property development.

We have the tools to help you manage Risk

A property development project is really just a process.  As a result, it can be managed in terms of cost, progress against the schedule and delivery of milestones.  At Planning Insights, our Team of professional Town Planners are highly trained at all levels of property development proposals.  We have the tools and the project management experience to assist with coordination of projects from the proposal phase through to project maturity. Our extensive project management skills are used to assist you to keep your project on track.  In addition, we also access the tools available with the Brisbane City Council, and other Councils, to fast track projects, such as RiskSMART.


What is RiskSMART and how can it help Town Planners?

RiskSMART is a fast track development application program run by the Brisbane City Council, as well as Logan and Gold Coast City Councils.  One of the biggest risks to any project is schedule over-runs, and RiskSMART offers a risk mitigation system to fast track the approval process.  Use of RiskSMART is one of the smartest ways to reduce the risk of blow out of your project schedule.  Our highly trained Town Planners are accredited to use RiskSMART and reduce your project risk.  We are adept at applying the principles of RiskSMART to increase your project success.  Why do we use RiskSMART?

The benefit of RiskSMART is to fast track the development approvals process.  Instead of holding up a property development waiting for development approval, we can assess whether your project is eligible for streamlining.  The best way to mitigate the schedule risk for your project tis to fast-track the approval process.  Using one of our RiskSMART Town Planners can save time, reduce cost, and reduce the risk to you.

Our Team is accredited to use RiskSMART

Our Town Planning consultants have the experience and accreditation to apply RiskSMART principles on behalf of the Council, as follows:

Assess projects eligible for streamlining via RiskSMART

An accredited Town Planner from Planning Insights can assess your property development project to determine if it is eligible for RiskSMART.  If so, then we believe your project has a good chance of achieving fast track development approval.

Act on your behalf as an experienced RiskSMART Town Planning Consultant

Our team of experienced Town Planners is accredited to use the RiskSMART program.  Therefore, we can offer you a fast track solution for your development approval.

Fast track development approvals in a matter of days

Our experience with the RiskSMART approvals process has achieved development approval in a matter of days.  Now, we can’t guarantee that every approval will be granted immediately.  But we can reduce the approval time from months down to just a matter of weeks.  No more extended wait times for development approval.  Our proven experience with this fast-track system means we can have your development project up and running in next to no time.

Reduced Council development application fees

Along with reduced wait time for development approval, less effort is required to manage the process.  Consequently, this saves you money.  That is why we like to apply the principles of RiskSMART, to save you time and money, and take the risk out of managing your property project.  Happy client, happy consultant!

Reduced project risk

The overall aim of any property development project is to manage the combined elements of cost, schedule and delivery.  If you want to find the easiest way to manage these critical elements of your project, then we can show you how to manage and reduce your project risks.

Call us at Planning Insights for an experienced RiskSMART Town Planning Consultant and get your project on the fast track.