Property Development

When you have an idea or a proposal for property development Brisbane, or surrounding areas, you need to consult with the best Private Town Planner Brisbane has available.  At Planning Insights, we aim to provide the best Town Planning advice in Brisbane.  We have the knowledge and experience to maximise the value of your property development proposal.  And we know how to prepare property development applications with the best possible chance of success to maximise the return on your property development project.  We have RiskSMART accreditation with locals Councils that enables us to fast track your property development application and avoid needless stoppages.  Many developers run into snags along the way, which leads to cost over runs and waste of time.  However, we aim to reduce the risks associated with your project and increase your odds of property development approval.

Do you have an idea for a Property Development in Brisbane?

As experienced Town Planners, we can help to design your Brisbane property development submissions.  Furthermore, we can help you to maximise the value of your project.  We operate as a member of your property development team.  This benefits you because we have the knowledge and experience to find the best possible outcome from your property development.  When you have a property development proposal, it pays to involve the experts in town planning and property development.  Give us a call at Planning Insights to discuss how we can be a benefit to your property development project.

Property Development Brisbane

We provide a range of property development services.

Property Development advice

We provide advice and assistance for any type of property development Brisbane, Ipswich, and Logan Council districts have available.  When it comes to property development, it is important to consult with an expert town planner at the earliest opportunity.  This is because we can conduct a site inspection, council searches, and a thorough due diligence before you commit to finance.  We can conduct a feasibility study to find the highest and best use of the property.  In addition, we determine other required professional services.  In order to complete a property development application, it may be necessary to engage an engineering consultant, a professional surveyor, or even an environmental specialist.  Be sure to consider these options up front to minimise nasty surprises later in the process.

Pre-lodgement investigation and advice

Prior to the actual submission of a property development application, we believe it is necessary to get the strategy right.  The benefit of our services in the preparation of property development strategies is that they set you up for success. In addition to analysing each of the property development options to determine which offers the maximum return on investment, we also consider which has the best chance of gaining planning permission.  We can manage all facets of the planning of your property, including stakeholder engagement, meeting with neighbours, and liaison with council planning staff.

Prepare the submission for property development

If you already have a development proposal or a building plan on the table, we can provide advice on specific Council planning rules and legislation.  We believe in working with a collaborative approach to ensure the best result for your property development.  There is a definite need for coordination with other building and construction experts.  At Planning Insights, we have the overall picture, and can coordinate other specialist consultants as required.  We can assist in the preparation of master plans, strategies and other planning documents.  Call us today to discuss how we can help to pull all the loose ends together.

Fast track applications and manage the approval process

Who wants to get bogged down in paperwork and red tape?  When you have significant capital tied up in property investment, or if you have construction crews standing by, you can’t afford to waste time.  At this point you want to fast track your property development application.  So call us at Planning Insights because we are accredited to use the Council accelerated approval process.  There is no need to wait months for approval when fast track approval can sometimes be granted in a matter of days.

Management of property development projects

With our team of experienced town planners, we can manage the planning and development of your project.  From property development submission through to approvals and permissions, we offer a complete hands free service.   We can manage the process on your behalf, including the coordination with Council town planners, and other professionals as required.  Any additional submissions required can be handled, as can any modifications as they occur.  In addition we can provide evidence to demonstrate compliance with all planning conditions and consent regulations.

Don’t be left dazed and confused by the rules and regulations around property development in Brisbane.  Call our expert Team at Planning Insights.  We offer a stress free experience for your property development, and take all of mystery out of the process.