Mixed Use Development, East Brisbane

Mixed Use Development, East Brisbane

The Woolloongabba/East Brisbane locality is undergoing significant change from its industrial focus to a high density residential environment. Consequently, a number of changes are required in terms of built form, amenities, movement of people, and access to services. Accordingly, the development we put forward was a high density residential project, with ground level cafes, and shops with semi-public open space areas. The development also included parkland as part of Council’s urban design requirements to enhance local public open space, pedestrian access, and personal transport options (in this area). While the project generally met requirements for the area, the development intensity and height required relaxations to Council’s planning scheme.

Development particulars include:

  • Three high density residential towers (420 units) developed across two separate stages
  • Tower heights of 2 x 15 storeys and 1 x 12 storeys
  • Ground level semi-public open space with shops, retail, cafes, & restaurants
  • Dedication of and construction of public open space (parkland) to facilitate an improved east/west link for local pedestrians and cyclists

Photos/Images: Authors include Group GSA Pty Ltd for Architectural Design Landscape Plan

Project Type: Mixed Use

Local Government Area: Brisbane City Council

Client: Podium Properties

Year: March 2016 to August 2017