Extension to a Community Facility (Wilston Grange AFC)

Extension to a Community Facility (Wilston Grange AFC)

Since the mid-1940s Wilston Grange Australian Rules Football Club has been a popular local football club whose club house and amenities has experienced incremental additions since its commencement. Accordingly, the Club’s facilities were in varying states of condition and required a consolidated upgrade to cater for members of the football club and other community organisations set to co-habit the facility. The project included a significantly upgraded club house, kitchen, change rooms, meeting rooms, gymnasium and woodworking facility (Mens Shed).

Photos/Images: Photo of the completed club house supplied (source Matt Taylor)

Project Type: Extension/Renovation to an existing community club.

Local Government Area: Brisbane City Council

Client: Wilston Grange AFC

Year: September 2014 – June 2015

Relevant Information: gorillas-com.wildapricot.org