Beachmere Birali Steiner School

Beachmere Birali Steiner School

Beachmere Birali Steiner school was initially approved on a start-up basis in early 2013. The approval was given over land identified as the Beachmere Community Hall on a temporary basis and on the proviso that the school would eventually re-locate to a permanent campus. Planning Insights assisted with site identification, and a staged approval for a school which is to be developed over the next 15 years.

Development particulars include:

  • Stages of development managed via a preliminary approval to make subsequent development application process simpler
  • Negotiated a 15-year approval period to allow for time for funding and construction
  • Provision made for occasional use of school facilities for fetes, community meetings, etc (outside normal school hours)
  • Built form to include low scale structures located amongst a green space/rural setting

Photos/Images: Authors include WD Architects (design), & Greenedge Design (landscape plan)

Project Type: Educational Facility

Local Government Area: Moreton Bay Regional Council

Client: Moreton Bay Birali Steiner School Association Inc

Year: February 2016 to September 2016

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