Are you looking for great development sites Brisbane property investors?  If so, here is why you may need a private town planner!

If you are a property developer or a property investor you know how important it is to have expert advisors.  When looking for development sites in Brisbane, Ipswich or Logan, speak to the team at Planning Insights.  At Planning Insights, we are experienced town planners who can participate on your panel of experts as needed.  Whether you are looking at development sites with Development Approval in place, or you need to assess suitability for development, Planning Insights are able to assist.

Previous experience with development sites Brisbane & Surrounds

The benefit of speaking with an expert town planner from Planning Insights is our extensive experience.  We have prior knowledge of and experience with local council town planning departments.  This includes Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council, as well as councils right around Queensland.  We have worked closely on development sites in Brisbane, surrounding regions, and across Queensland and Northern New South Wales.  As a result, we understand the local development rules and guidelines in each area.

How will you benefit from engaging an expert private town planner?

A most important aspect of any development site is the council approval for development.  That, or the potential to obtain approval.  Don’t risk your investment money.  Whether there is an existing DA in place, or you want to apply for DA, we can advise and review all documentation before you commit. We can assess all the relevant factors involved with development sites.

Let us review the potential of possible development sites

If you are busily looking for development sites in Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan or other council areas, you will want to know how you can maximise the potential from any property you locate.  This is one of the greatest instances when it makes sense to use an expert town planner from Planning Insights.  We can assess the potential of your identified development sites before you buy.  We can assist you to find the highest and best use of any property development sites.  Particularly if you are unsure whether there’s more potential to be gained from a development site, do speak to us.

Assessing properties with a DA already in place

Engage an experienced town planner from Planning Insights to review an existing Development Approval before you sign a contract to purchase.  It is especially important to make sure you assess all of the terms and conditions in the DA before you sign the contract! You may ask, “If I already have a DA in place, can’t I start development at any time?”   This is where Planning Insights can potentially save you money.

Development sites with DA tend to cost more than a development site with no DA.  This is because some of the risk of gaining development approval has been removed.  But it is still important to make sure of the exact details of what development has been approved on the site, and when the DA will expire.  These details are crucial to the success of any development project, no matter how much potential the development site offers.

When you are looking at development sites with DA in place, you need to be sure exactly what you are getting. Details such as when the DA was approved, when it will expire, and what details have been approved within the DA are critically important.  Planning Insights can examine the terms and conditions of the DA, and make sure you are aware of all the conditions relevant to it.

Want to change or extend the DA on your property development sites?

At Planning Insights, we understand that things can change.  It is more common than you might think.  Even for a property with a Development Approval in place, there can be many reasons to make changes.  When property is sold with a DA in place, buyers may need to request extensions to allow for planning and lead times.

Planning Insights – the expert private town planning advisor on your property development team

Don’t risk your hard earned investment money.  Development sites Brisbane, Ipswich, Logan and all areas are easy enough to come across.  But the really profitable ones take a little extra skill to uncover.  So speak to an expert town planner from Planning Insights before you sign on the dotted line!  Call us today on 0439 794 636 or via our contact detils HERE.