Development Application – Brisbane & Surrounds

Development Application Brisbane, South East Qld and Northern NSW is a core part of what we do here at Planning Insights.  We love working on Development Application submissions because we love Brisbane property and the types of other property projects happening in our reigon.  And we love to help you find a better and higher use for your property!  We are good at what we do and love the challenge of performing well when presented with new projects.  We have many years of experience working with Development Applications in Brisbane and the surrounding region.  This experience is with our clients, as well as with Town Planners at the Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council and other SEQ councils.

A Development Application is just the beginning

Not all property developments require a development application – but that is a decision for the experts!  When seeking approval and permission from your local council, it is always best to consult with an expert.  For the best possible chance of success, call us at Planning Insights.  We specialise in making the process of submitting a development application to Brisbane City Council as painless as possible.  Some people find the application process difficult and frustrating.  However, we ensure we are expert on all levels of the legislation.  Let us help to de-mystify the property development application process, because we can lead you through from start to finish.

Development Application Brisbane

We focus on relationships and outcomes

There is a lot more to preparing property development applications than simply filling out the paperwork.  Our team of highly experienced Town Planners will prepare and manage development applications with the relevant council, on your behalf.  We believe it is important to work with you to find the best and highest use for your property.  In addition, we also have the experience to find the optimal solution.  Importantly, a solution that offers the best possible chance of achieving development approval for your project.  We have experience with a wide range of Development Applications Brisbane and other areas, such as:

Management of Property development applications

Here at Planning Insights, we offer our services as expert Town Planning Consultants.  We offer our services to plan and manage Brisbane development applications on your behalf.  We have the experience to find the optimal solution for your property development.  Furthermore, we have the connections to see your project through to development approval.  We offer a complete done-for-you service where we can prepare, submit and manage all development applications to the appropriate council body.

Management of Development Approvals

We understand that there is much more to a  development application in Brisbane than simply filling out paperwork!  In our business, a strategic process is followed to determine the type of development applications with the highest change of success.  Our experience gives us the ability to understand and interpret all the of State Government planning policies, guidelines and legislation.  We know what works in harmony with local Brisbane City Council rules, and we have a proven record in achieving Development Approvals for our clients.

Property subdivision or reconfiguration

We have vast experience with preparing development applications for subdivisions in Brisbane and around Queensland.  It is unlikely there is a type of subdivision that we have not already worked on!  We’ve seen so many reconfiguration of property projects there’s unlikely to be one that we don’t know about!  But we have also seen examples where developers have got it wrong!  Perhaps we have all seen development projects that have stalled due to one problem or another?  Don’t let your property subdivision turn into a nightmare.   Give us a call at Planning Insights for your next Property development application Brisbane, SEQ or Northern NSW.

Material Change of Land Use

Here is a little-known gem that we like to assist our clients with!  Often our clients are required to submit a development application to carry out a Material Change of Land Use.  This can be a trap for some property developers who overlook this step.  This ovesight can really slow the property development project.  Here at Planning Insights, we have a streamlined process for managing development applications for material change of use for a property. Most significantly, we can make your life much easier!

Extension of Development Approval

Don’t overlook the possibility of gaining an extension for a previous development approval.  If you or a previous owner went to all the trouble with a development application to achieve approval for a development, then it doesn’t need to go to waste.  It is often possible to achieve an extension for development approval, with an appropriate development application with Brisbane City Council.

Modification to existing Development Approval

Likewise, many people find that they wish to modify a property development after development approval.  Don’t make a mistake and overlook the requirement to lodge the modification of the development applications with the Council.  Let our team of Town Planning Consultants manage the modification process on your behalf, and avoid any costly delays.

Complex development applications

Here at Planning Insights, we are fortunate to have a team of highly qualified Town Planners, experienced in complex projects.  Furthermore, this extensive experience includes working on projects from inception through to design approval.  So no gaps in our skills exist.  We have the background and experience to handle major projects.  Dealing with a large and complex development application Brisbane, SEQ and surrounding areas is second nature to us now.

Preliminary approval for property projects

Here is another gem we like to help our clients with!  Why go out on a limb for a complicated property development?  We can help to reduce the risk of a complex development project by seeking preliminary approval for projects.  This way, we can help our clients to go ahead with detailed planning and scheduling without the risk of wasting money.  To reiterate, we specialise in finding the optimal property solution for success.  Achieving preliminary approval for property development projects is one of the ways we do this.  This can be especially useful if there is a need to override the planning scheme.  Be sure to call us at Planning Insights.  If you need a preliminary council approval for your development application Brisbane, SEQ or Northern NSW, we can help.

Staged approvals

One of the best ways to ensure the success as of a project is to achieve staged approvals.  As each phase of a project comes to fruition, it may be necessary to return to the council planning process with an update as to the development of the project.  Staged approvals work well for both client and council.  This is because they provide a series of project management review gates that keep both parties up to date with progress.  Here at Planning Insights, we offer a complete service from inception through to final approval.  This includes as many approvals as necessary to get your project to the completion stage.


Having submitted the property development application, we also work with our clients to provide advice and interpretation on the conditions.  Often, the local council will approve a property proposal with a range of conditions that must be complied with.  If design approvals, or engineering plans, or environmental conditions are required, then it is important to meet these conditions.  Failure to do so may cause planning permissions to be withdrawn.  Hence it is important to seek advice along the way, and to ensure compliance.

Call us at Planning Insights to speak to an experienced Town Planning Consultant for the best advice on your development applications Brisbane, SEQ or Northern NSW.