About Us

Founded in 2008, we have a history of achievement over our 10 years of operation.  One of the original Brisbane town planning firms, Property Insights was founded by John Simmons.  John is one of Brisbane and Queensland’s most experienced town planning consultants and is responsible for establishing serveral (still operating) town planning consultancies in the past 40 years.  From this rich history, our team have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your town planning matters.

John Simmons

Brisbane Town Planning Firms - John SimmonsJohn is the Managing Director of Planning Insights with over 40 years’ experience in both local government (as Manager) and in consulting.  Consequently, John has seen many amendments to planning instruments and legislation regulating Queensland’s planning and development sector.  Hence, he has a unique depth of knowledge in town planning and development.  John’s primary role within Planning Insights is to deal with complex developments that require extensive justification and meritorious consideration.

Email: john@planinsights.com.au
Mobile: 0409 896 700

Matthew Taylor

Brisbane Town Planning firms - Matthew TaylorMatt is a Director of Planning Insights with 20 years experience in Queensland’s development sector(13years attributed to town planning). Matt’s experience is gained from local government, state government and consulting where he has acted as Delegate and managed various development applications identified as ‘major projects’. Matt’s key role within Planning Insights is to interpret and advise on technical aspects in circumstances where approvals require specific arrangements (i.e. staged approvals, infrastructure agreements etc).

Email: matthew@planinsights.com.au
Mobile: 0439 794 636

Denise Couper

Brisbane Town Planning firms - Denise CouperDenise is a Principal Planner with 17 years experience in town planning and development in both consulting and state government, and has been involved with numerous local and regionally significant infrastructure projects across Queensland.  She also has experience in the implementation of community consultation projects within the mining, transport and telecommunications industry sectors.  Denise’s key role within Planning Insights is the preparaton and coordination of development applications and associated planning permits for all types of development and in particular, small lot and traditional character housing.

Email: denise@planinsights.com.au
Mobile: 0408 248 666

RiskSMART accredited town planners

Our team has the knowledge, experience and accreditation to fast track certain property development projects. We utillize the RiskSMART process to quickly navigate through the Council approval process. We won’t provide any unrealistic expectations, and we certainly don’t give any false promises. Planning Insights offer only the best, personalised service. Every property development project is managed by a Director or Principal Town Planner. Most importantly, we aim to provide high quality service to each and every client.

What sets Planning Insights apart from other Brisbane town planning firms?

Here at Planning Insights, we love working with property. Furthermore, we love helping our clients to find the best and highest use for their projects. However, there is more to property development than just paperwork! We understand that people love their real estate, and somtimes they don’t fully realise what can and cannot be achieved on a particular site.  Would you believe, good development ideas are often placed on the wrong sites?  Planning Insights understands where the risks and pitfalls can occur.  Hence, our focus as town planners is to ensure our clients are informed to take maximum advantage of their project whilst maintaining a realisitc expectation of a site’s limits.  With over 70 years of combined experience in Brisbane and Queensland’s property development sector, we know how to safely and successfully navigate the development application process. We endeavour to bring the client ‘on the journey’ of their project.

Personal Service – what can you expect from Planning Insights?

At Planning Insights, we deliver prompt service and we are available to discuss your project as needed.  We are upfront with advice and openly communicate risks, advantages and alternatives where warranted.  We are also happy to verbally discuss projects where required.  During any stage of the development application process, you can request to discuss the progress of your application.  A time will be arranged to meet and discuss needs/concerns.

Not all Brisbane town planning firms are created equal

In our business, our priority is to assist property developers realise their full potential.  We love what we do, and there is no better feeling than to contribute to realisation of project outcome.  But it has to be done right.  We have an excellent reputation in ensuring the balance of all issues that may be relevant to any particular development as it applies to a particular site.  Our reputation also gives us an excellent working relationship with a wide range of local Council Town Planning departments in Brisbane and greater Queensland.

Do you want to be better informed about your development project, or acquire an honest opinion?  Then call us at Planning Insights today and we can help to provide you with the assistance you need.

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