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Town Planner Brisbane
Town Planner Brisbane
Town Planner Brisbane

Town Planner Brisbane & Queensland

Planning Insights is a Brisbane based boutique town planning consultancy.  Our team shares over 70 years in all aspects of the planning and development industry across Queensland. Our clients range is varied and includes home owners, corporate entities and development companies of various scale.  We provide planning and development expertise for any project you may have or aspire to achieve.  We would be pleased to assist you with your project regardless of its scale or complexity, because we treat all proposals with the same level of service.

I have been working with the team at Planning Insights for quite a few years and it has always been an absolute pleasure. The experience, knowledge, diligence and overall positive attitude is gratefully received, in what tends to be a stressful industry. Nothing is ever too hard for Matthew or John and the fact that they ALWAYS go the extra mile for us clients keeps me going back time and time again.

Mic Emanuele

Director, Zen Group Pty Ltd

We have a strong and consultative team focus amongst our staff.  This assists us to deliver detailed and complete advice at the early feasibility stage of all projects.  As a result, we achieve higher levels of project certainty whilst greatly reducing the potential for costly delay.

Town Planner Brisbane, South East Queenland and Queensland

Planning Insights is RiskSMART accredited with Brisbane City Council and Logan City Council.  Hence, we have significant capability to expedite certain project types through the Development Application stage in shorter time frames.  Also, we have extensive experience in town planning related projects across many different South East Queensland & Queensland Councils.  Just ask us.  We provide honest and real advice combined with practical solutions.  This approach is designed to minimise risk and maximise chances of procuring development approval. Our client’s priorities have our full respect, so we work to proactively manage the progress of your project without undue delays.

We have worked with Planning Insights on a number of projects over the last few years and have nothing but the best feedback for their service, knowledge and expertise. We have achieved approvals on all of the jobs we have undertaken with them and appreciate the value they have added to these. Their responsiveness and professionalism provide us with the confidence required to make well informed property decisions and I can confirm they are a great value-add to any project requiring town planning advice no matter how big or small is may be. Thanks again for all of your assistance and support over the last few years, we look forward to many more years of success with your assistance.

Brent Doughty


Planning Insights – location

At Planning Insights, our team of experienced town planning professionals are ready and waiting to offer you a wide range of their expertise. We are based in Brisbane, but can assist you wherever your project may reside within Queensland.

Private Town Planner Brisbane – do you need one?

You often don’t realise your project needs town planning services – until you need them!  And that is why we provide our local insights as town planning consultants in Brisbane, South East Queensland and for Councils within the greater Queensland area.  We are very experienced in the the procurement of planning approvals, provision of planning advice in all aspects of the development industry.  We can provide such insights into your project, too.

Recent Projects

As part of the development industry, I have found it extremely important to have a select team of consultants that you can rely on in all aspects of project due diligence, constraints analysis and application approval processes.

Over the past 30 years I have worked with Planning Insights, I have never been left ill advised in any respect of development analysis and I find this truly unique to Planning Insights. The teams relationship with Local Government assessment officers in all the municipalities I have dealings with, is always held in a very professional and respected manner.

As I prefaced in this statement, it is so very critical in today’s changing environment to have a team that you can rely on.

Well done Planning Insights.

Paul Zahner

General Manager, Podium Property Group

Proven results from your local Town Planner Brisbane

At Planning Insights we have the knowledge and experience to handle any project.  Whether you want to build your dream home, propose a subdivision, or plan a larger scale project.  No matter what your choice, we have the results to back up our claims.  Explore our Projects HERE on our Projects Page.

How can we help you?

We have a simple equation for all of our clients.  Meet your needs, minimise delay, add maximum value to your development.   We believe these aspects maximise successful implementation of your project duing the development application process and in later post approval stages.  Call Planning Insights on 0439 794 636 to speak with an experienced Town Planner Brisbane.

Make Planning Insights a part of your team

Planning Insights is a team player, and happy to be a member of your team of property development Brisbane professionals.  Or, your team of greater Queensland property development professionals, if your project is further afield.  We are more than happy to provide assistance to any development process you may be considering. We strive to be your choice of Private Town Planner in Brisbane and Queensland, and we will work with you to procure all necessary approvals and progress you to the next stage.

Call us for Your Personal Consultation

Let us help you with an individualised proposal, tailored for your personal requirements.  Let us help you with the due diligence on your next property proposal.  Call Planning Insights for a consultation on your property development application on 0439 794 636.

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